There is justice in a friendly campus, and there is no fear in rejecting bullying


“I will respect, care, help and protect myself and others so I refuse bullying.”

When you find out or suffer from campus bullying, you must speak out bravely. Because of your courageous actions, we can prevent the harm of bullying and improve deviant behavior of others.


Students can report through the following channels:

Report to teachers and parents

Fill out the Campus Life Questionnaire

Call the County Prevention of Campus Bullying Hotline

Call the Ministry of Education Prevention of Campus Bullying Hotline at (0800-200-885)

Leave message at the message board of Ministry of Education Prevention of Campus Bullying

Report to the friends


Definition of Campus Bullying

Subject: Faculty and staff

Behavioral Elements: Continually demeaning, ostracizing, bullying, harassing or teasing others through words, pictures, symbols, body movements or other means.

Results: Affect others to be alienated from the learning environment. Influence others’ mental, physical, property damage and learning activities.