Safety at NYCU

Every faculty, staff and students shall foster a strong commitment to campus safety and report to the department’s teachers, administration units, Campus Security Office,Military Training Office and other related units if there is any emergency event that could affect the safety.

Office of Military Training (Campus Safety Center)

1.Ensure campus safety.

2.Manage emergency cases.

3.Offer students help and care for their life. 

4.Campus safety cases report and contact.

5.Perform related duties as assigned by the superiors. 

Campus Safety
Traffic Safety
Friendly Campus
Off-campus Housing

Campus Safety

Provide necessary assistance, ensure campus and students’ safety to reduce hazardous safety incidents. 

Traffic Safety

Traffic safety policy for foreign students in Taiwan:

Friendly Campus

Friendly Campus adopts both student-centered and school-centered approaches, emphasizes respect, care, sympathy, tolerance, safety, participation and also builds harmony, safety, and a friendly learning environment.

Off-Campus Housing

Off-Campus Leasing Safety Policy for Foreign Students in Taiwan:

1.A lease agreement must be signed with the landlord.

2.There should be at least two emergency exits in the rental residence.

3.Safety facilities in the rental residence:

  •  Water heater: Gas heaters that are installed indoors or at the balcony must be equipped with the Forced Exhaust (FE), and the electric leakage of the electric water heater must be checked.
  • The old sockets and extension must be renewed.
  • Emergency escape indicator light: Fire and smoke escape indicator.
  • Extinguisher: Used to extinguish the flame when fire happens.
  • Curfew control: Swipe card control or key.
  • Monitor system: Curfew monitoring system to prevent strangers entering.
  • Fire alarm system: Fire, smoke warning.
  • Lease agreement
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Fraud Awareness
Drug Prevention
Gender Equality

Fraud Awareness

Anti-fraud Policy for Foreign Students in Taiwan:

  • Keyword: ATM transfer, Cancel installment payment, Purchase game points. If you have heard one of these, please ignore or hang up the phone.
  • Online auction fraud, online dating scams and cheats. Please do not be influenced by them.


Campus Bullying Prevention Policy for Foreign Students in Taiwan:

  • Bullying: Refer to an individual or a group of persons intentionally use words, text, images, symbols,physical actions, electronic communications, Internet communications against the persons directly orindirectly disparage, exclude, bully, harass or tease others, which also places the person in a hostile andunfriendly environment and causes psychological, physical or property harm, or affects one’s learning progress.

  • Campus bullying: Refer to bullying behaviors that occur on and off campus from the principals,teachers, staff, and students (hereinafter referred to as “Faculty, Staff and Students”) towards a student.

Drug Prevention

Drugs Abuse Prevention Policy for Foreign Students in Taiwan:

Gender Equality