Major Traffic Accident in Tainan Resulting in 3 Deaths

A car collided with the bridge guardrail for unknown reasons on the southbound lane of Provincial Highway 17 in Tainan’s Beimen section. Four of the five people on board were thrown out of the car, resulting in three deaths and two minor injuries.

A major traffic accident occurred on Tainan’s Wuwang Bridge in Beimen on Provincial Highway 17 at 2:41 p.m. on the 1st. A car traveling northward collided with a guardrail at high speed for unknown reasons. The vehicle lost control and overturned in the opposite southbound lane. The body of the car was seriously distorted and deformed. A total of four men and one woman were injured in the crash, all of whom were members of a religious organization.

Liu Chuan-fu, Director, Syuejia Police Precinct: “According to our preliminary investigation, the car hit the guardrail first on the northbound lane of Provincial Highway 17 and then came to a stop on the southbound lane.”

According to the police investigation, the driver was a man surnamed Chen born in 2002. The car suddenly hit the bridge guardrail after passing the Xinwei Pump Station in Beimen District. Four of the five passengers were thrown out of the car.

Tai Tso-cheng, Branch Head, Beimen Fire Branch, Tainan: “When we arrived at the scene, the car was already overturned. Five people were reportedly injured at the scene, with one trapped in the car. The other 4 passengers were thrown out of the car.”

A friend traveling in the vehicle behind the crashed car said that they went to a religious gathering on the 1st and were going back to Chiayi’s Budai. However, they did not expect an accident to occur on the way back.

Victims’ Friend: “We went to a religious festival. They drove themselves on the way back. I was in the car carrying the deity’s sedan chair.”

Two people in the car had no vital signs, and the remaining three passengers were slightly or seriously injured and sent to the hospital for treatment. The seriously injured male passenger was declared dead on the evening of the 1st in the hospital. The driver of the vehicle was slightly injured. He has not yet been tested for driving under the influence of alcohol.