Fighting Fraudulent Activities: Prevention and Response

Online transactions are a frequent part of everyday life. Fraud rings and criminal groups frequently make phone calls at night or during holidays, falsely claiming that theres something wrong with an online shopping order record, and that theyre calling to help modify the order information so the call victim can avoid being charged, or sometimes they even threaten to charge the victim if a problem isnt addressed before a deadline. Furthermore, groups who claim to be financial companies have deceived people through phone calls into operating ATMs, online banking, and making points purchases in a way that their money ends up transferred to the fraud ring. Be careful and be on guard against these activities.



Add the official 165 Anti-Fraud LINE account managed by the National Police Agency of the Ministry of the Interior to keep yourself updated regarding the latest fraud tactics. With this account for communication, youll be more aware of fraud and can take the initiative to prevent damage from fraudulent activities.


Search by LINE ID and enter @tw165

165 Anti-Fraud sends out anti-fraud alerts and clarifies online scams and rumors in real time. If anyone suspects a message of being fraudulent, they can use the 165 Anti-Fraud query function, and enter the suspicious LINE ID, website, or phone number into the dialogue box to immediately receive a result and find out whether the information has been reported as fraudulent. Relevant fraud activities include phishing text messages, fraudulent shopping websites, fraudulent Line IDs, fraudulent investment websites and so on.


2.Three steps to respond to fraudulent calls: Please keep in mind these three steps: listen, hang up, and verify:

Listen! Keep calm and listen to what the phone caller says. Is it a scam call?

Hang up! Politely explain that your relatives and friends are waiting and hang up to prevent being manipulated.

Verify! If you have any doubts, quickly dial the 165 anti-fraud hotline for verification! Report the content of the phone call.