DUI Driver Leads Police on Chase

A driver surnamed Lee refused to stop when asked to by police in Wanhua. He fled and at one point put his car in reverse to try to run over the police. Another officer fired 12 shots at this tires. Lee was eventually arrested in Sanchong and was found to be driving under the influence.

The driver of this black sedan speeds down an alleyway. The driver pays no heed when police order him to stop. He even puts his car in reverse to try to hit the police. The police then fire 12 shots at his tires. The man led the police on a merry chase after refusing to stop at a checkpoint. His night ended with him in cuffs after a breath test showed his blood alcohol level was 0.5.

Area Resident: “I was woken up by what I thought were firecrackers. I went back to sleep.”

The 52-year-old man was weaving his way around Ximending at 1 a.m. on the 7th and driving over double yellow lines when he was asked to stop his car. Instead of stopping, he stomped on his gas pedal and tried to flee. Police eventually caught him in Sanchong.

Chou Hong-wei, Officer, Qingnian Police Station: “He put his car in reverse and tried to hit me. I have mild injuries.”

Wang Kai-wei, Officer, Qingnian Police Station: “If he kept going, he would have hit my colleague. I had to stop him by firing.”

One of the officers suffered a right-leg injury. A total of eight officers took part in the 3-kilometer chase. It took them half an hour to apprehend Lee. Lee does not have any prior DUIs and faces obstruction charges.