Drugs Found and Victims Rescued During Random Inspections

Hualien police busted a scam group while doing random inspection at a hotel. The police found drugs at the scene and also rescued 3 victims who were being detained in the room.

There was another case of abuse and illegal detaining of people using fake job opportunities. Police conducted a sweep on the evening of the 6th. When they arrived at a motel on Taoyuan’s Wanshou Road, the police entered a room where the smell of ketamine was present.

“Come on I smell it. Where is the drug?”The police checked the identities of the people present and found that two victims were illegally detained in the motel by members of the Hualien human trafficking gang, which posted fake job advertisements. Another victim was also found in a room. Relevant evidence was seized and all three victims were successfully rescued.

Chen Peng-hsiang, Captain, Criminal Investigation Corps, Guishan Precinct: “We seized a total of 11 bank deposit books, 18 ATM cards and credit cards on the spot. Illegal drugs, brass knuckles, and NT$7,900 in cash were also found.”

The police investigation found that the gang used high-paying job advertisements to lure victims to a designated place for an interview. Then, they would detain victims in a motel afterward, forcing them to open a bank account and continue to detain them.

Chen Peng-hsiang, Captain, Criminal Investigation Corps, Guishan Precinct: “During this period, in addition to detaining the victims’ mobile phones and ATM cards, they were not allowed to leave without authorization. They even beat the victims so they were afraid and dared not run away.”

The entire case was transferred to the Taoyuan District Prosecutors Office for investigation in accordance with the Criminal Code and Narcotics Hazard Prevention Act.