Calendar Days​

The school’s celebration activities include Anniversary Celebration, Welcome Ceremony, Freshmen Orientation, Commencement, Mei-Chu Games, and others. The Military Training Office is responsible for maintaining the event’s order and safety.

University Anniversary
Welcome Ceremony
Freshmen Orientation

University Anniversary

The School Anniversary Celebration includes school carnivals, art exhibitions, sports games, alumni activities, and others, except for the anniversay celebration ceremony.

Welcome Ceremony

The school opening ceremony is held specially for the bachelor ‘s freshmen and it is hosted by the principal. Teachers,parents, and bachelor’s freshmen are welcomed to participate in this ceremony.

Freshmen Orientation

Freshmen Week Activities are held for the bachelor’s freshmen, including freshmen admission consulting courses and activities.

  • Freshmen Health  Examination
  • Campus Tour
  • Consultation with departments
  • Welcome Ceremony for Freshmen
  • Disaster Prevention Drill for Freshmen
  • Earthquake Disaster and Fire Prevention Drill
  • Campus Orienteering Running Activity
  • Dormitory Living Experience Activity
  • Clubs Expo and Performances


University Commencement Ceremony  Departmental Commencement Ceremony

Meichu Game

The Mei-Chu Games, an intercampus competition held between National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) and National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU) in February and March every year and are hosted by the Mei-Chu Game Preparatory Committee from both schools. “Mei” stands for NTHU, and “Chu” stands for NYCU.

The first Mei-Chu Games were founded in 1969 until 2022. The Mei-Chu Game has reached its 54th and among 34th have been awarded with overall championships. National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University leads National Tsing Hua University 20-14. There were 4 draws, 5 friendly matches, 10 suspensions, and 1 game was not completed due to disputes.